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Frequently Asked Questions

We use both  traditional pure water window cleaning techniques to get the job done.  Traditional window cleaning is the more classic technique whereby the windows are cleaned via a window mop and squeegee.  The “Pure Water” method on the other hand, facilitates the use of extremely efficient filters to squirt water with no minerals on the glass. Combines use of a soft brush and pure water leaves your windows sparkling clean. 

Hard to say, depending on the size of your home. A standard size single storey house can take 3-4 hours, whereas a double storey house can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. Times are largely dependant on the amount, type and condition of your windows. 

We accept cash, invoice via bank transfer and accept Mastercard and Visa. We prefer payment on the day, but can accept delayed payement via invoice if organised prior.

The best time to get your windows cleaned is during spring and summer. This will give you the best chance to enjoy having sparkling clean windows for longer. 

All of our window cleaners are very experienced and fully qualified at working from heights. Our window cleaners range from 10-20 years of experience, rest assured you will be getting a master window cleaner to clean your windows.

Window cleaning prices differ widely from house to house, mainly because houses differ so much from one another. Houses have differing amounts of windows, different types of windows, security screens, hard to reach windows or really awkward windows. Basically the more windows you have and the harder they are to clean, the longer it will take for us t clean them, increasing the price of your window cleaning quote. 

Absolutely, if you could open all of the blinds and remove any furniture impeding our access to your windows then we will save time and you will save money.  

Yes, we currently clean gutters and solar panels as well windows. Ask our team about discounts for booking more than one service on the same day. 

Yes, we are insured for up to 10 million dollars In unlikely chance that we do cause any damage to your home, we will fix any issues promptly. 

Call our friendly tea or just fill out our simple contact form and we will get in contact swiftly.

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